A Study In Wild & Folga

A couple of joints were released this year, a wild one on Permanent Vacation, again part of their compilation series. A Study In Wild is just one of those tracks with analog synths taking over control.

Last month, my friends from the Future Times camp released their Vibe 2 compilation – presenting a very wide and diverse collection of tracks from all the good ones. Happy and proud to be part of this with my little Folga.

Not sure what happened this year, i can’t say i’ve been lazy, but sometimes things don’t fall smooth into place and you gotta work around ’em. Thats what 2011 felt for me, hope to find more peace and concentration to realize all this music and ideas haunting my mind. keep the hunch…

Hunee – A Study In Wild

Hunee – Folga

V.A. – Panorama Bar 03 EP – out now.

V.A. – Panorama Bar 03 EP

Ok, this thing is out now. Last saturday/sundays release party at panorama bar was a big ball of fun and energy.

I heard the overall night, from Murat Tepeli’s sey warm-up set to Oracy’s live set, to Larry Heard vibrant mix of classics, to Tyree Cooper’s energetic, quite soulful performance to Prosumer doin his thing, to …haha, you see, long night… to Steffi and then Soundstore kickin’ his discoesque records to my lil’ journey on the decks to whatever happened after…uff, was really good and special.

I enjoyed playing heavy oldschool chicago acid records to new techno jams (hello ctf!), peaking into full-on disco and back to whatever was waiting in my bag. I was nervous in the beginning, but once that big train starts rolling, it just starts to feel natural and makes you take risks and new paths – destination unkown! The intensity you get in this place is so rare, but worth every sweat…

Anyhow, the EP is out now and the whole mix-cd will follow next week.

The music’s getting stronger…and the music’s getting stronger…

Brothers Rice – Make Love

this was released last year i think. i have never had a physical copy in my hands, so it can all be untrue, but the internet says it exists. anyway, there is an artwork, and a mastered version. make love!

New Remix coming up…up…up…

Hey yo, i made a remix. I did get some offers to remix tunes here and there along the way, but never got my head around finally doing so. This summer i thought, well, let’s just give it a try and see how it goes….and here it is.

It’s comin’ out on david’s label 3rd Strike – early december. It’s kind of a functional vibe on the remix for me, somehow i feel like, it’s the most playable (dj-able) tune i made so far. Kind of conventional in terms of aesthetics, i felt guilty in the first place, because it has some twists and turns in the sounds, that i felt were too familiar and what we call “ausgelutscht”.

But it’s cool now, that’s what i started to like about it later…in a twisted way. Here is a snippet, make up your own mind:

Hunee – Took My Love

oh my, plane confusion, wrong airport, the architect sits in a cab gettin a 2 hour ride to berlin and i just decided to wait with eating…

well, someone put my “took my love” tune on the tube. this is the album version for the new drumpoet community label compilation “drumpoems verse 2“. 12-inch version on vinyl will be released early 2010 (including the “feelin it” tune from zurichs finest mister lexx!).

Hunee – Barrio Payment EP – Retreat 004

a family affair! my brothers hauke freer and quarion from the vinyl-only label retreat live next door, share the same passion for mo’s nutpaste and invited me to join the retreat adventure.

Hunee – Barrio Payment EP – Retreat 004

the ep is titled after the first b-side track called “barrio payment”, which is also the oldest of the bunch. one of the only tracks my girlfriend, who used to live with me in a one-room appartment back then, liked from the beginning of its creation, i was so proud – the whole ep had to be dedicated to my love with the barrio. i tried some new things with the drumming on this one, going tony allen afro-beat on the snares, using some great sounding live percussion and shooting the whole band to mars.

the a-side “foundation” was a quick affair based on the haunting vocals of loleatta holloway and some wonky organ chords. i made it and played it almost the same night at the retreat party at edelweiss. i never liked one of my own tracks so much on the dance floor. q and h were there, dancing, excited….signed. 🙂

the second b-side track “amiadar” is based on some old sketches, but within a night of inspiration turned into a deep, slo-mo love affair. the title is a self invented word, which we found playing nonsense word games on google chat with a friend. it refers to a medicine called amiodar, which is “used to treat and prevent abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias). It improves the heart”s rhythm by relaxing an overactive heart.”

well, i like this record (as always having a hard time with my own mixdowns – will it ever get better…?) and i enjoy being part of this lil die-hard do-it-yourself label, being lost in a never-ending love with the black gold…

hunee – foundation – a1

hunee – amiadar – b2

let’s grow like whoaaaa!

Hunee – Tour de Force EP – WT Records 002

well, what can i say. my dear friend speculator came up with a killer first 12″ from stinkworx / kinoeye for his new born imprint w.t. records and asked me to release the “tour de force” track. i did 2 tracks (rare silk, cut down trees) for the b-side, which became the a-side and yeah, some people seem to like it. it jumped into the clone charts for a glorious week and i was a very surprised and a bit proud.

yo, the dude talking about “cutting down trees” is no other than deep-house-man-of-the-people dj from connecticut. and yup, we licenced it properly.

Hunee – Tour de Force EP – WT Records 002

my brother nomad came up with a killer artwork and talented jürgen schulz helped me with the mixdown.

hunee – rare silk – a1

i am still excited about this whole thing, it’s a good thing…

Hunch – Travel The Earth (Feel Music 008)

this weird, deep, tripping thingy was in my head for quite a while. i had a deep, african, percussive sound in my ears for some time and then i found this beautiful sample that was just a match in heaven. played around with it and it became a thing of it own.

it was different from what i did so far (less chords…? haha, well, at least more hypnotic and repetetive…) and i put it online under a new profile “hunch” and gathered exactly 7 friends. one of ’em was john daly and he immediatly wrote me a short one “i want to release your track on my label. what do u think?”. happy was me.

then, the whole thing went along very quickly, john made a huge-sounding remix, came up with this killer dance mania label artwork and now it’s in the shops. still feels exciting to me.

Hunch - Travel The Earth (Feel Music 008)

Hunch – Travel The Earth (incl. John Daly Remix) – Feel Music 008

the track is growing on me and i gotta thank john for having the right ear and the balls to put it out there.

Let there be hunch!