An atelier in kreuzberg 61 – ready for year 2011!


Ahhh, good food…right? Family…yup! Back to berlin…ahhh…

Through hick-up-ed ways i found a path to spend my walk into the next year dj-ing, in kreuzberg – ok, sounds good. My friend Will aka Speculator saw the venue (the atelier) last week and called it “very nice”, well, all of you who know Will aka Kid Criticism know that this really means “VERY NICE”!

I think there will be a bunch of art people drunk and/or high – probably requesting that ironic music thing “hits, but hey – it’s irony!”. Somewhere i read something lame about hot chicks and pretty boys. Well, let’s be serious – it’s New Years Eve for xxx-sakes, we’re all gonna be hot and pretty!

I haven’t figured out what I wanna play that night, but it will be some kind of kaleidoscope of all feelings, ideas and movements i want to be meaningful in 2011. Scary thought…ahh, whatever  blabla – it’s gonna be dance music – body music!

What else…some useful information:

Regular Admission 8 EUR

and, this seems to be an important thing (it’s posted everywhere elese in bold):

Fireworks are provided – don´t bring your own!

I say:

Don’t bring your own fireworks – be one!

VulkanDance – Christmas Disco!


The 4 Fathers of Discoristmas !!!


Tonight – all the late-homers, and yup, berliners, come down to Soju Bar for the last dance party before the big feeding starts.

Doors open 10:30pm, winter is over!

Hunch Music Radio 03 – special guest: Traxx (Nation/Chicago)!

Hunch Music Radio 03!

Special guest: Traxx (Nation / Chicago)

Hosted by Hunee (Rush Hour / Hunch Music)

Tuesday, 10pm-1am!

Live from Soju Bar or tune into


Well, I am a firm believer in the unique artistry of TRAXX, since i first heard him at cookies a few years ago, where he changed this place into something i haven’t seen it being before. The easy-scared goodlooks left the floor or spontaneously decided not to be scared, but lock into the kode. Traxx came over this place like some water wave washing away the stiffness, the fakeness. We ended up dancing on each other shoulders, smiling, screaming…

And a few more years before that, my friend Marcel ‘Critical’ Vogel told me that everything he liked about playing House Music since Ron Hardy is Traxx from Chicago… I was still wondering back then…

What more can i say, i am happy and proud to have him playing Hunch Music Radio with me on tuesday. He told me, he is not sleeping, but preparing his special disco-not-disco set. So do i.

Get ready to receive a heavy beating with sincere love…

Join us on the show online on Sweat Lodge Radio or much much better, get your body to Soju Bar and make this your own reality!!!

Stevie Wonder – Love Light In Flight (Instrumental) (103)

Stevie Wonder – Love Light In Flight (Instrumental)

A new favourite! I never knew the name of this huge hit until i asked Danny Wang yesterday night, when he dropped the vocal version. The vocal is of course fantastic, but today i found out – the us-promo has a special instrumental version on the b-side that puts the song into another light for me. Stevie’s voice is so familiar, so tight, but it’s always so stevieee…

Can’t wait to play that one out. Early mornings anyone…?

…makes me feel like paradise…

Advance – Take Me To The Top (102) …and another one…

Advance – Take Me To The Top

Hey there!

tonight, saturday. my first time at chez jacki after their re-building/re-opening. davey from hold tight radio will play the warm-up, i will heat it up from 1-3 and after me i:cube will get on for two special versatile hours. joel alter finishes the night. excited to see and hear the re-worked place and the other djs play a bloody saturday night party set.

on monday, the 13th – danny ‘dancer’ wang invited me to join his gay-monday-dance bar at südblock – a brand new venue at kottbusser tor (adalbertstr. 1-3) with ties to möbel olfe. i haven’t been there yet, but i think it’s gonna big fun. we gonna start 9pm and play lots of pretty music, grooves and shakers – jules etienne, our favourite local allround-musician will accompany us on percussions.

There it is! Another weekend in berlin. Take me to the top!

A weekend in berlin


This weekend in berlin is first of all…cold. Damn, winter came in without a second of hesitation, cold, white and windy in berlin. Still fascinated by the sudden change in climate though and happy to play in two venues this weekend, that i thoroughly enjoy.

On friday, the 3rd of december, I play an all-nigh-long set at the full-of-surprises Hunchin All Night at Soju Bar.

Last months almost 10-hour party with the Bleepgeeks was a beast and still vibrates my memories. The garage house tunes were so uplifting, I am still smiling thinking about the emotions rising up…So much fun! The dancers had super-hero powers and kept it goin and goin… Well, here is the first hour of last months warm-up:

Warm Up – Hunchin All Night 12th November 2010

On friday I start playing at 11pm and won’t stop until it hurts.

Cure the pain…

* Hunchin All Night *

* Friday . December 3rd . Skalitzer Str. 36 . Soju Bar *

* Hunee * all * night * long *


On saturday, the 4th, I play Voyage Voyage at the fantastic Salon – Zur wilden Renate, a place that has a special thing in berlin – so different, so wild!

The line-up is big, very big…I think it’s 2 or 3 rooms… Session Victim, Saap from Brontosaurus, Carsten Clemann, The Swift, The Rimshoters, Paramida & Katovl, Bottin, 22 Rockets and myself….uff…

I will play on sunday morning from 7-10am. So early birds and late night moles, save the dance!

* Voyage Voyage*

* Saturday . December 4th . Salon – Zur wilden Renate*