Why Amsterdam?

Thats why! Big Up Marcel – keep pushin!

This short documentary was part of a school project aimed to portray some
of the protagonists of Amsterdam’s dance music scene. Of course we are aware
that these are only some of the activists that make Amsterdam such a great
hub for dance music.

Written by – Marcel Vogel
Directed by – Marcel Vogel and Frankie Caputo
Directors of Photography – Alessandro Pontillo and Niels van der Vaart
Edited by – Frankie Caputo, Alessandro Pontillo and Niels van der Vaart

A Night at Watergate


I played the upstairs floor of Watergate last Saturday, from 1-4 am. It started off slowly, but paced into a pretty energetic party within one hour. It was fun playing less disco and more music in between Shed and Roy Davis Jr. Unfortunately the recording of the night was lost, so happy for all the vivid memories and a photo and two videos:

Watergate at 1 am – just before the doors opened

Heppa, Watergate at 2:30am

Thank you Watergate, at 3:30am

Hunchin All Night * Deep Disco Editon * tonight!

*** Hunchin All Night ***

October * 28 * Friday * Midnight

* Hunee – all night long *

* Soju Bar *


Been so long, almost too long. People been asking if the Hunchin night stopped, hell no!

I got tons of new records, not sure what the theme’s gonna be for this october edition of the hunch. Will get back with this soon.

Well, got some new PPU joints in the bag….hmm, alright, decision is made, i played couple of house and techno parties lately, so its time again for a sweet disco get down. By this i mean deep deep DEEEEEP DISCO!

Anyhow, this friday, all night, no shame.

Feels like dancing to me…

…and tomorrow, saturday, Asian Film Festival Party at HBC. with Danny Wang and DJ Zhao!

Gay energy

Danny Wang does his bi-weekly gay-queer-whatever night at Soju Bar and it’s turning into the ultimate fun party during the week. Danny creates a very personal vibe and his dancers bring a special excitement.

Anyhoo, a few months ago he invited me to play the night flight and he told me, i should think about “gay energy” when packing my bag. The boy Jasper was sitting on the couch and (without anybody knowing) filmed 45 minutes of my set. You just gotta love Danny, the dancers, me records, Soju and Gay Energy!

The Big Official Summer!


i play 3 very different parties this week, different places, contexts, friends. you shouldn’t miss one of them. tomorrow’s sun.

The Big Macro Fashion Week Foolery

tuesday, a party/documentary shot about (composer, producer, dj) Stefan Goldmann at Soju with Stefan, MMF? and Hunee on the controls. Someone mentioned Stravinsky, Celluloid Records and Derrick Carter…and a hangover…

The Official Mutewatch Launch Party

thursday, the Beautiful Swimmers hit town for their first europe tour gig in berlin. There is a launch party for a very interesting future watch, that can almost make ramen soup. Everything happens at Voo Store in Kreuzberg, starts at 8pm, ends midnight, probably involves free booze and u had to rsvp until yesterday. No sweat, i am sure i can bring a few heads, so keep ur names comin my way to get yourself in. Afterwards Speculator (from nyc) and Marion Guillet (from paris) play, yea, Soju. We all go.

The Summer of De:Bug

saturday/sunday the De:Bug Family and the Get Deep party crew throw the nicest summer party, including (almost) everyone whose release got reviewed in de:bug this year, your beautiful self, a big bbq, a garden – summer anthems – all night all day. Yes, its supposed to be summer, and its my birthday too.

Well, all these parties will be quite different, a nice challenge not to repeat one record over this week, although i just got this magic Eddie Hooper record on Soundway (thanks Emil!), which will be an exception and definitely played on all 3 parties.

tomorrow’s sun,

Hunee & Phuong-Dan at Monarch on Thursday!

This thursday, june 16th, we do it again!

Monarch, Kotti, Skalitzer Str. 134, upstairs, 10.30pm!

There’s been a lot of memories of nights at Monarch, a few of the most precious ones were playing there with Dan, hour after hour, song after song, the sun goes up, not alone anymore.

There will be music to dance to, but no classics, no salsoul, no prelude, only things falling off left and right the path and border. You’re not alone anymore…

Hunchin All Night * Friday May 13th * Soju Bar

Hunchin All Night * Friday * May 13th * Soju Bar


Hunee * all night long


Back to my favourite spot, my garden, my living room, my… In these last months, the monthly Hunchin All Night party became so many things to me and hopefully also to some others. Sometimes long and never tired, then again peakin so fast, but always another musical journey (more acid anyone? already early morning? deeper disco? who played the last record?), with new people, different people, friends and new memories. Ahh, well, i think  fridays party will be like this song. at least at one point.
So, this friday again, i might bring a mic, urghs, more records, further out in the wilderness, no shame.


Hunchin All Night * Friday * March 18th

Hunchin All Night * March 18th * Soju Bar


Hunee * all night long


The Soju Bar is re-arranged (come and see, cant wait to play the new booth…), my record bag is re-filled and after last months break – i am happy to play another all night long set!

I’ve got so much new music from my us-tour, lots of deep things, weird things, fun things in there. Finally found the Peggi Blu record (big up justin and serdar!), can’t wait to play it on friday. Now, more than ever, let’s share a dance.

Berlin, twice!


back in berlin and still havent written my round-up on the recent us-tour (which was so goood!). But i plan to write it this weekend, including music i found and a sick mix from my d.c. peeeps. Anyhoo, today, or better tonight, berlin is what its about.

First i will play the Heartbeat Club party for a friend i know from some hiphop-days ago, but he loves the boogie – so, i feel like playing early eighties, soulful, cant wait. The place is called Lupita, and its a spot i never been too, but located right at Kottbusser Tor, on top of that Kaisers supermarket. The steel door next to Kaisers entrance is where u wanna ring a bell to get in. Come early, when its full, the door won’t open. I play from 0-2, cover is 2 euros. no list, pure fun.

After that, Picknick – long time since my last gig there. It’s a blog-release party for How Do You Are, a blog by Dj Supermarkt from Berlin Battery. Ian Pooley is playing prime-time and lots of other people, that i am not too familiar with. This is gonna be more clubby, my bag is packed with sick house-cuts and early morning groovers for that one. I play 4-end. There is a guestlist, so shoot!

So, yup, good to be back. Got new winter boots so fuck the weather. Dang, lots of things happened, it feels like ages since i posted, sorry for that. I see people keep constantly checking back on the hunch, so thank all you anonymous visitors! There will be more tings happening again…on a hunch…

But hope to see you all before this, maybe tonight, a long night – so be a moon child!