Brothers Rice – Make Love

this was released last year i think. i have never had a physical copy in my hands, so it can all be untrue, but the internet says it exists. anyway, there is an artwork, and a mastered version. make love!

Some extra protein for ur decks!

It’s hot, fried in soul and edited by the tongue. It’s not just a new label – it’s protein put on wax!

If ur hungry for some spicy food, ask the chef for some Fried Tofu! You might get a little note from the kitchen coming with ur dish, saying:

“These edits come on VINYL only, cause some things in life, be it food, sex or music better remain physical.”

Curtis Mayfield – Love Me, Love Me Now (Hunee Edit)

Curtis Mayfield – Love Me, Love Me Now (Hunee Edit)

Oh well, this edit took a long way. Made it some years ago, after getting a cd with the original from my friend Lexx from the Z. There were parts, that needed some decent cutting and to build up some tension and add another musical scent, i played some keys and a lil synth bassline and – voila, it works great.

The edit caused quite a big stir on the cloud and ran through a few months of “what shall i do with it, shall it be released, shall it maintain its hidden secret weapon existence…”. No results, and there are already couple of edits out there, released on vinyl, but still i feel this one is quite different, as its not really boosted in sound and is sprinkled with new musical flavors.

Well, to cut it short, i love you and here is a sparkling wave file for all the dancers and lovers out there.

Curtis Mayfield – Love Me, Love Me Now (Hunee Edit)

Don Carlos – Re-Mida (Hunee Planetary Edit)

Someone went to planet love and picked this edit from the cloud.

Ingredients of a planetary edit: Take some Don Carlos (a true italian house massive) with a problem – maybe a too short length of little above 3 minutes and shoot it into space backed with a short vocal (this one comes from a wicked Running Back record which just fitted in perfectly) so communication is guaranteed.

Have no fear, we are your friends…

Hunee – Make Love

For those who dont move around the cloud. I did this edit a few days ago and u might like it. Been on this break for quite a while and finally took the time to play around with it. It’s a slo-mo disco lover!