Mixes and Dates. Going clean.

Too much time, not enough posts. After treating this blog like a friend you forget to call, one week, two weeks and so on, until, the next phone call merely feels like a catch-up, the tone slightly out of touch – decision time. Time to make a move.

I realized two things were important to me. Having a place to post all my dj dates. And a place to collect my dj mixes. The rest i could part with, the blogging part seems like a do it right or don’t do at all thing.

I did set up a new basic and clean website, including my dj dates and mixes. There won’t be happening any blogging, but mixes and dj dates will be constantly updated.

Thanks to everyone who visited this blog, engaged with the sounds, read what was said, and came back for more.

Don’t be a stranger. Dance a little bit closer!

Ebo Taylor – Love And Death (110)

Ebo Taylor – Love And Death

Wanted to post this song so long ago, and then… so many things… A thorough update on the hunch pretty soon. The song Love and Death, all about the female vocals!

Well, Ebo Taylor – gigantic ghanaian musician. Strut put out a comp of his music a while back, and both, vinyl and double cd are worth the price. The double-cd version contains much more songs than the vinyl, most of them very good.

Shout out to Alex from Raketa4000 – hunchin…to be continued…

Whizz!! – Do You Hear Me (107)

Whizz!! – Do You Hear Me

Ahh, almost time for a sunny post, berlin is showing its best sides these days. But first, one tune that came to my mind last week again. Havent dropped the Whizz!! for quite some time (i always forget about my 7″es) – ahh, what a tune. Heard it first when the one and only Loud-E played it, he always pulls all these wicked singles – Rard, please come play berlin again soon?!

Anyhow, wish you all a great weekend and if anyone got lost in munich, i play the Bob Beamen club on friday with the Permanent Vacation boys.

Big up to Dana, who had an ear for the whizz!!

Captain Sky – Moonchild (106)

Captain Sky – Moonchild

This one goes out to my friend Jim frfom Boston, the Big City Records store in New York, all the Disco Weasels weaseling in the face and the crates and of course, all the moon children being sensitive to sight, touch and sound.

This weekend, i dont pack any records, but polish my dancing shoes. Tonight, my dear friend Lexx from Zurich plays the Soju Bar with Honey K from Finger Magazine, as well as Iron Curtis dropping his very first live-set (no sweat, Iron, you’re gonna be great!) at About Blank. Tomorrow all frequencies are tuned to the Intergalactic FM party at Panorama Bar, with IF, Intergalactic Gary, David Vunk and a live-set by Legowelt.  I heard IF once and he is so goood, real, raw dj passion and energy, Gary always kills, David, hope i can stay long enough to hear him and Legowelt, well, thats the cherry on top! So psyched for this one!