Rainbow Brown – Let’s go another round (035)

Rainbow Brown – Let’s go another round (Tom Moulton Mix)

We made it, 2009, i wish u all the best best best for 2010.

Let’s go another round!


Kem Fuego – Broad (034)

Kem Fuego – Broad

Time to let down the pants, since being at parents’ home always is a bit of a time travel, i thought to post an old kem fuego track would be good.

Big up to the ck crew from way back when…

Charles Mingus – Myself When I’m Real


Mingus plays piano – Myself when I’m real

“Depending on the mood I’m in (…) this sort of things comes out differently every time I play it. I go into a sort of trance when I’m playing this kind of number”

I didn’t know about this great version from 71′ but while I was listening to it I directly thought of the one when he “plays piano”, recorded in 63′. Without that much gravity as on “Adagio Ma Non Troppo” but his style here is so pure!

It’s kind of crazy when one think about this project – He did not only use to play another instrument “just well” but really succeeded in making a unique & beautiful record with it in one of the most indulgent and hard exercise in Jazz: the solo.