Hunee – Barrio Payment EP – Retreat 004

a family affair! my brothers hauke freer and quarion from the vinyl-only label retreat live next door, share the same passion for mo’s nutpaste and invited me to join the retreat adventure.

Hunee – Barrio Payment EP – Retreat 004

the ep is titled after the first b-side track called “barrio payment”, which is also the oldest of the bunch. one of the only tracks my girlfriend, who used to live with me in a one-room appartment back then, liked from the beginning of its creation, i was so proud – the whole ep had to be dedicated to my love with the barrio. i tried some new things with the drumming on this one, going tony allen afro-beat on the snares, using some great sounding live percussion and shooting the whole band to mars.

the a-side “foundation” was a quick affair based on the haunting vocals of loleatta holloway and some wonky organ chords. i made it and played it almost the same night at the retreat party at edelweiss. i never liked one of my own tracks so much on the dance floor. q and h were there, dancing, excited….signed. 🙂

the second b-side track “amiadar” is based on some old sketches, but within a night of inspiration turned into a deep, slo-mo love affair. the title is a self invented word, which we found playing nonsense word games on google chat with a friend. it refers to a medicine called amiodar, which is “used to treat and prevent abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias). It improves the heart”s rhythm by relaxing an overactive heart.”

well, i like this record (as always having a hard time with my own mixdowns – will it ever get better…?) and i enjoy being part of this lil die-hard do-it-yourself label, being lost in a never-ending love with the black gold…

hunee – foundation – a1

hunee – amiadar – b2

let’s grow like whoaaaa!


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