Why Amsterdam?

Thats why! Big Up Marcel – keep pushin!

This short documentary was part of a school project aimed to portray some
of the protagonists of Amsterdam’s dance music scene. Of course we are aware
that these are only some of the activists that make Amsterdam such a great
hub for dance music.

Written by – Marcel Vogel
Directed by – Marcel Vogel and Frankie Caputo
Directors of Photography – Alessandro Pontillo and Niels van der Vaart
Edited by – Frankie Caputo, Alessandro Pontillo and Niels van der Vaart

A Night at Watergate


I played the upstairs floor of Watergate last Saturday, from 1-4 am. It started off slowly, but paced into a pretty energetic party within one hour. It was fun playing less disco and more music in between Shed and Roy Davis Jr. Unfortunately the recording of the night was lost, so happy for all the vivid memories and a photo and two videos:

Watergate at 1 am – just before the doors opened

Heppa, Watergate at 2:30am

Thank you Watergate, at 3:30am