Mixes and Dates. Going clean.

Too much time, not enough posts. After treating this blog like a friend you forget to call, one week, two weeks and so on, until, the next phone call merely feels like a catch-up, the tone slightly out of touch – decision time. Time to make a move.

I realized two things were important to me. Having a place to post all my dj dates. And a place to collect my dj mixes. The rest i could part with, the blogging part seems like a do it right or don’t do at all thing.

I did set up a new basic and clean website, including my dj dates and mixes. There won’t be happening any blogging, but mixes and dj dates will be constantly updated.

Thanks to everyone who visited this blog, engaged with the sounds, read what was said, and came back for more.

Don’t be a stranger. Dance a little bit closer!


Rush Hour Night at Trouw this Saturday

Âme (Innervisions, Berlin)
Gerd Janson (Running Back, Frankfurt)

Hunee (Rush Hour, Berlin)
Antal (Rush Hour, Amsterdam)

Oh wow, Trouw again this Saturday. One of my favourite places in Amsterdam, also the first one i ever played at. Big dawgs line-up too, with Gerd and Ame celebrating the release of Gerds new compilation upstairs, and me and Antal doing our thing, all night, in the basement!

Antal is one of those DJs i always loved, since i heard his Chicago house mix cd, back in the days on Eskimo. But he is so much more, just check his Soundcloud to hear how deep and wide he goes. Inspirational!

Everyone come, everyone dance.

Geradehaus #1 /// Berlin

tonite. in berlin. prince charles. with a couple of friends.


00:00h – 2:00h JMII & Baughman
2:00h – 3:30h Massimiliano Pagliara
3:30h – 6:00h Session Victim
6:00h – 8:00h Hunee

closing set. from techno to sleaze.

First Time Around

I am here, finally, San Francisco, California – for the very first time!

After enjoying a quick and busy stop in London (thank you Kristina Records, thank you Corsica Studios) – i got too little sleep, too much time strolling around Heathrow and 11hours of pure in-flight entertainment. But all flights end and the result is always surreal, you board in one place and get out in another one… sounds simple, but i still wonder, how close things are that seem so far, how different a place appears and how that feeling falls off slowly…how to arrive…

Well I am here and I am here mostly to make people dance. So, let’s do this:

San Francisco > Honey Soundsystem > september 30

Vancouver > Waldorf Hotel > october 5

Seattle > Q Club > october 6

Portland > Miracles Club > october 12

Los Angeles > I Love Rhonda > october 13

First Time Around.

Until then and in between – I am out, in the sun, getting lost, throwing shade.

double whoop


yes, i took a four weeks break from dj-ing and it feels not good, not bad, just really long. anyhow, this weekend will be special. two of my favourite places.

this saturday. i play my special hunchin all night at soju bar. meaning me. on the decks. all night long. something always happens.
this sunday. i play a last minuted gig at panorama bar. from 8pm til midnight. evening. sweat. smoke. trippin’…
everyone must come. and dance. a lot.

Why Amsterdam?

Thats why! Big Up Marcel – keep pushin!

This short documentary was part of a school project aimed to portray some
of the protagonists of Amsterdam’s dance music scene. Of course we are aware
that these are only some of the activists that make Amsterdam such a great
hub for dance music.

Written by – Marcel Vogel
Directed by – Marcel Vogel and Frankie Caputo
Directors of Photography – Alessandro Pontillo and Niels van der Vaart
Edited by – Frankie Caputo, Alessandro Pontillo and Niels van der Vaart

A Night at Watergate


I played the upstairs floor of Watergate last Saturday, from 1-4 am. It started off slowly, but paced into a pretty energetic party within one hour. It was fun playing less disco and more music in between Shed and Roy Davis Jr. Unfortunately the recording of the night was lost, so happy for all the vivid memories and a photo and two videos:

Watergate at 1 am – just before the doors opened

Heppa, Watergate at 2:30am

Thank you Watergate, at 3:30am

Hunchin All Night w/ DJ Fett Burger, Tom Noble and Hunee

*** Hunchin All Night ***

* Friday . July 20 . Soju Bar *


DJ Fett Burger (Sex Tags Mania)

Tom Noble (Superior Elevation)



This will be a good one!

I was into the thole Sex Tags thing for a while – they have the right attitude and style. All their records, mixes, designs are so personal and underground. DJ Fett Burger knows his music and has the rare ability to work the crowd, while keeping it edgy and interesting.

Tom is a man in many crates, he finds, edits and plays a lot of incredible, soulful dance tunes. Some he shares on different vinyl labels, so you can play them too. He is in berlin right now and will join us on the hunch.

I look very much forward to this night and only expect the best.

Do you wanna dance?