Hunch – Travel The Earth (Feel Music 008)

this weird, deep, tripping thingy was in my head for quite a while. i had a deep, african, percussive sound in my ears for some time and then i found this beautiful sample that was just a match in heaven. played around with it and it became a thing of it own.

it was different from what i did so far (less chords…? haha, well, at least more hypnotic and repetetive…) and i put it online under a new profile “hunch” and gathered exactly 7 friends. one of ’em was john daly and he immediatly wrote me a short one “i want to release your track on my label. what do u think?”. happy was me.

then, the whole thing went along very quickly, john made a huge-sounding remix, came up with this killer dance mania label artwork and now it’s in the shops. still feels exciting to me.

Hunch - Travel The Earth (Feel Music 008)

Hunch – Travel The Earth (incl. John Daly Remix) – Feel Music 008

the track is growing on me and i gotta thank john for having the right ear and the balls to put it out there.

Let there be hunch!