The City Circle Band – Magic (090)

The City Circle Band – Magic

Lots of things happened in berlin last week, the Swimmers were here kickin’ it on thurs, Alex from Voices killin’ it with my main man Nomad last saturday and on sunday Harvey played Panorama-Bar.

The sunday dance-out was receiving mixed reactions, from hype to anti-hype to really dont care anymore. Yes, the first part of his set was a mixed bag with some questionable tunes, but in the end most of us were dancing our lil asses off and on monday i still had all the typical physical signs of excitement: throat hurts from screamin, foots flatted from stomping, ears ringin from frequency treatment, arms still marked with the square stamp, daydreaming of all the familiar faces crossing the eye and still hungry for more…

On tuesday, i felt Harvey was good and we really wanted him to be good so bad! The last 2 hours were so uplifting and liberating. but i thought the real magic happened on the dancefloor!

What was really special on sunday – was us (incl. Harvey and You)! So many of us being there – all the energy, passion and excitement on a sunday afternoon. I still love Harvey, but i am sooo  in love with our crazy city.

Berlin, magic city – that’s us!

Nurture Times – we all grow!


this already happened (totally forgot to post it here), but i kinda want it on the blog – just for the record.

the party was funn, the swimmers are fresh and i see u all next time for more munchies for your love!

Bootsy Collins – Munchies For Your Love


alright berlin, this is special!

these are the beautiful swimmers – somewhat of a supergroup from washington d.c.! two people, super friendly with records, kids and dogs – sounds weird? not at all!

andrew field-pickering (aka max d.) & ari goldman protect kids from being bored and walk dogs for a living. a living that mostly consists of finding records, making records and eating 12″ meat ball sandwiches. for digestion they either feed the discovery channel on their future times website, write up fascinating dance topics on the fader column “heal yourself and move” or throw the sickest party in d.c. called “the whale”…

the records on their own future times imprint are a splendid mix of boogy-ish, 80-ish, synthie-ish, sometimes tracky-ish and yes, always beautiful-ish sounds and tones. not afraid to go deep or classic or unknown – they bring so much joy, enough to make big whales dance on their noses deep in the ocean.

although on my last trip to washington d.c., i witnessed the most incredible thing about the swimmers – kids in d.c. sing and whistle their songs on their way to school. wow!

joining us will be the one and only mille (from superstupidbros) – the only dj that can play disco and still has not played at ur or my party! scandalous, this must have an end on thursday.

well, i will play too, and since i am a passionate swimmer since day one and naturally prefer whales over dolphins – this all must be a match in heaven.

d.c., the ocean and we all have a bright future, a future full of nurturing and healthy growth!

what did i say about  kids and the swimmers? yes, the music really  is the first swimmers ep on future times.

Ata Kak – Obaa Sima (088)

Ata Kak – Obaa Sima

This has been around for quite some time, comin from the ultra-sick Awesome Tapes from Africa Blog and showin us again – who needs gazillions of beefy analogue-gear and tube-tape-outboard boners to make a great track?

Ata Kak goes simple, pushes the chords, squeezes a kickin beat, sings about love and makes a classic on the fly. The tape cover itself is temple of style and if u keep sweatin’, like we do these days in berlin – the music should keep u bumpin’ and … sweatin’…

And since summer in berlin is simply magic, Tingel Tangel from Vienna add their tricks to the city and bring together a bunch of people tonight at a Terrace, in the sun, on the decks, just for you.