Mixes and Dates. Going clean.

Too much time, not enough posts. After treating this blog like a friend you forget to call, one week, two weeks and so on, until, the next phone call merely feels like a catch-up, the tone slightly out of touch – decision time. Time to make a move.

I realized two things were important to me. Having a place to post all my dj dates. And a place to collect my dj mixes. The rest i could part with, the blogging part seems like a do it right or don’t do at all thing.

I did set up a new basic and clean website, including my dj dates and mixes. There won’t be happening any blogging, but mixes and dj dates will be constantly updated.

Thanks to everyone who visited this blog, engaged with the sounds, read what was said, and came back for more.

Don’t be a stranger. Dance a little bit closer!

Why Amsterdam?

Thats why! Big Up Marcel – keep pushin!

This short documentary was part of a school project aimed to portray some
of the protagonists of Amsterdam’s dance music scene. Of course we are aware
that these are only some of the activists that make Amsterdam such a great
hub for dance music.

Written by – Marcel Vogel
Directed by – Marcel Vogel and Frankie Caputo
Directors of Photography – Alessandro Pontillo and Niels van der Vaart
Edited by – Frankie Caputo, Alessandro Pontillo and Niels van der Vaart

Tonight * J.A.W presents The Robert Glasper Experiment!!!

Special One!!!

J.A.W goes live on October 31 for a very special one and presents – for the first time in Berlin – the amazing Robert Glasper & his Experiment.

With his new coming album – 4th one, to be released early next year for the legendary Blue Note Records Label, the 32 year-old Houston native pianist is definitely recognized today as one of the most gifted musicians of this jazz/hip-hop era. His Band – The Experiment – is continuallystretching the boundaries of jazz & hip-hop, often exploring i.e. new interpretations of genius Beat Maker J Dilla (RIP) or Radiohead songs.

If you’re lucky enough to catch him live in his hometown NYC or on the road, you won’t be surprised to see prestigious guests sharing the stage with the Experiment – such as Mos Def & Q-Tip (Glasper being their musical director), his mate Bilal, Pete Rock, Mf Doom, Pharoahe Monch or even Roy Ayers. His work with these musicians and legendary producer J Dilla has contributed to build his solid reputation as a jazz pianist with a strong hip-hop sensibility.

For this one, The Experiment will be consisted of Glasper himself on keys, the impressive Mark Colenburg on drums (Q Tip, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill – known for his ridiculous laid-back style like his mate Chris Dave) Derrick Hodge on Bass (composer/performer with hip hop lyricist Common Sense, Jill Scott, Maxwell, Terrance Blanchard…) & Casey Benjamin on alto saxophone & Vocoder.

Festsaal Kreuzberg

Entrance: 8pm// Begin: 9pm
Pre-sale 19€ (+booking fee) available at koka36.de & hhv.de //
Door 24€

another list of things, another week in the making…


i think i like doing lists for now, so i just continue.

1. the radio show- welcome to the room – is online

2. the berlin classic boat ride is worth the time and price

3. the interview with dazed & confused made it through censorship

4. the enemies within us mix is getting some love

5. new track a study in wild is out on permanent vacation

6. friday, berlin, gonna play a set at the sonar kollektiv night at KTV

7. saturday, london, excited to play the fill yer boots party at Plan-B

8. mr. serdar dogan killed it at last weeks hunchin all night.

9. sun ra quartet in italy – absolutely fantastic!

10. tea never tasted better.

about 6.

about 7.





Beats in Space!


i had the pleasure to play the famous Beats In Space Show from NYC. Hosted by Tim Sweeney for a loooong time now, it was and still is one of the biggest radio shows out there dedicated to the music we love. Thanks Tim! And ‘hello!’ to Sotofett from Sex Tags Mania, who rocked the second part of the show.

The first part of my mix, the african selection is a little tribute to the VulkanDance party in berlin, a party focused on heavy african and other more obscure underground disco music. This party was almost single handedly created by my dear friend Nomad, so big up! Second half is house music that either comes from new york/new jersey or was played there or reminds me of it.

I was in a state of tiredness, excitement and nervousness, so its not the smoothest mix, but its alive.

 Beats In Space – Show #574 w/ Sotofett and Hunee

Back on track! Vulkan Dance open air, Amano rooftop set, Virgo, Traxx…

hey yo,

back in berlin! and many good things about to happen. my last weeks us-trip was special for many reasons and i hope i’ll be able to write it up this week.

aight, lemme see. the weather in berlin is full on summer (except today…but the sun is def back on friday), which is perfect for fridays Vulkan Dance open air party at Picknick.

Friday, june 3rd

VULKAN DANCE – open air at Picknick

all 4 firefighters will be there in full blossom.

Cheers Chris,  Emil Doesn’t Drive, Hunee & Nomad!

on saturday, i will mellow things out on the rooftop of the Amano Bar.

Saturday, june 4th

Amano Bar – rooftop

Hunee – special “eat the whole sun” set

thats about it for this week. a new remix is up in the cloud and traxx is getting ready for a hunch next week!

everybody loves the sunshine.

Sadar Bahar – In Store Session at HHV!

Sadar is in town!

He will properly take care of us on thursday night (with Theo!, but more about it later…)! But to heat up the city – he will play an 45-only in-store session at the HHV-store (revaler str. 9 / az warschauer brücke) on wednesday from 5-7pm!

You should all come – no cover, free drinks, havin a gooood time!