Holy Water * presents * Mark Seven * Friday October 29 * dance or fly!


the place is in shape and ready to bounce!

make sure u and ur friends get the right adress and beware: its a backyard, its a basement, entry on the right hand side – a chunk of balloons will show you the way!

we take-off at midnight and dont stop until landing.

blowing up balloons yesterday gave as funny ideas – here it is:
the special “tea-bag-tombola” can be played at the entrance with the first 100guests – hit it or miss it!

pre-sale ends today 6pm – daddies, mummies, make the kids happy.

well, this is it, check-in, let ur seatbelts loose and keep the thirst,
hunee & anita

Hunch Music Radio with Nomad!

Hello – we want to play!

Tomorrow, on tuesday the 19th – the first Hunch Music Radio show is gonna air sky high on Sweat Lodge Radio (and from now on every third tuesday…10-1…let there be hunch).

The show will be recorded and streamed live, and hyper-interactive in the sense that you can attend it in 3-D! Just get your real flesh to Farbfernseher in Kreuzberg between 10pm and 1am – and even get your shout-out on the mic.

First special guest will be Nomad – a man i share too much history with to tell… He just obsessively reactivated his obsession for beautiful, rare afro records. So expect some hi-class dug-outs, shitty recordings, lots of vg records (uahaha!) and grooves that fight too much dust and no sleeve!

Hey, I changed my mind reffering the archive option for the show – there will be none. So you’re only chance to witness the heat is live, live and even more alive!

Brief Encounter – We Want To Play

Hunchin All Night

Hi Hi Hi!

Alright, tonight i will play records from beginning ’til end at soju bar. Goin all places – touching the sun and swimming an ocean.

Weeeell, but what is a hunch? or a little story about tonight…

Sliding from one tone to another one, taking one feet and putting it left, a word in the lyrics can tear down the walls or how many records u need for a seven hour set…

I imagine tonight like a flight, a long flight with stops to fill up the gas, different forms of clouds out of the window, enough space for the feet to squeeze, enough air for the hands to breathe.


try your dance. play your rhythm. keep. play. keep. playing…

hmm, but hey, this is a hunch: