V.A. – Panorama Bar 03 EP – out now.

V.A. – Panorama Bar 03 EP

Ok, this thing is out now. Last saturday/sundays release party at panorama bar was a big ball of fun and energy.

I heard the overall night, from Murat Tepeli’s sey warm-up set to Oracy’s live set, to Larry Heard vibrant mix of classics, to Tyree Cooper’s energetic, quite soulful performance to Prosumer doin his thing, to …haha, you see, long night… to Steffi and then Soundstore kickin’ his discoesque records to my lil’ journey on the decks to whatever happened after…uff, was really good and special.

I enjoyed playing heavy oldschool chicago acid records to new techno jams (hello ctf!), peaking into full-on disco and back to whatever was waiting in my bag. I was nervous in the beginning, but once that big train starts rolling, it just starts to feel natural and makes you take risks and new paths – destination unkown! The intensity you get in this place is so rare, but worth every sweat…

Anyhow, the EP is out now and the whole mix-cd will follow next week.

The music’s getting stronger…and the music’s getting stronger…


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