Suzy Q – Tonight (087)

Suzy Q – Tonight

Here we go!

Tonight, yes! Sadar is in town, invitations are all out (thanks for all the love and excitement comin our way from all you invited peeps!), ready to put up these 500 balloons, the djr 400 wrapped up in a towel for transport and a sleazy, boogie-heavy warmup set in my bag – impatiently waiting for action.

We are pumped to the max to take-off with all you thirsty ones, tonight is our night!

“Tonight, i feel love inside. Tonight, i got you by my side!”

Holy Water & JAW present Deejay Sadar Bahar (Chicago) in Berlin on June 26

Thirsty ones,
drop your self off the hook!

******June 26*********************
***********secret location***********

Alright, we put it out of love, cause what else.

From the Windy City Chicago, member of the Soul in The Hole, Sadar Bahar likes the deep dish with extremely rare B-Side disco sounds, soul-funk instrumentals, deep album-cuts and early house productions. He will land in the middle of Kreuzberg, with the deejay performance that bounds the soul to the dance floor and tights the heart to the waist.

On this special Summer day sweat it off with a Soul in the Hole XXL t-shirt, granny knows, tight don’t work! Sadar’s punching deejaying is gonna need some space in between the bones!

Be prepared to say any of the magic words at the entry: sadar bahar, soul in the hole, holy water & jaw

Holy Water joins forces with the french crew JAW!

JAW keeps on giving the world some of that
Chicago and Detroit spice, taking Theo Parrish,
Larry Heard, Malik Pittman and Jamie 3:26 to intimate
dance locations and now closer than ever to Holy Water, after
their party with Rahaan last year, we go one more time
all together in the bush!
5,- € with flyer, 7,- € without.

special mix from sadar!

Udell – Won’t You Try (083)

There is a beach in New York, more than one, everyone told me, i knew it, but never ever been there.

Udell – Won’t You Try

“Til today. Yes! The sun was burning hot, no cloud, nothing to worry and a cooler filled to the top. I got my taste of salt, my skin burned, my toes crab-bitten and an overall fantastic New York beach day.

So, whenever you are in New York City, in summer, please, please try to check out the beach…and don”t forget the suncream.

Come closer

just about to take my plane back home, yes, home like berlin, like neukoelln in the sun, like my girl in the sun, like gu-zi-mi icecream in the sun, like driving my bike in the sun, like listening to my new rekids in the sun, like meeting you in the sun. lets get the fuck closer and closer to the sun!

an incredibly big, tight, uplifting hug to will, phil, seb, brendon, jim, andrew, doug, justin, paul, adam, joe, karla, jeremy, ari, andrew, well a bunch of andrews and chris, ben, my amazing sis and dan the man. north america in 2010 is you, only you!

North America in June


i arrived yesterday in JFK, passed the usual I-94W procedure, got picked up by my friend will (thaaank you!), ate some salmon teriyaki, went on a brooklyn rooftop to see the the skyline, ate franny pizza with my fam and slept the sleep of the jetlag.

Now after enough sleep, a big bowl of cereals and my teeth cleaned, i am ready to visit ron at a-1 records and take a deep dive into those 1-dollar bins. ahoi! The famous brooklyn yard is havin a party this evening for free, so i hope to see some of you new york cats there later!

Will play my first party in Montreal this saturday on june the 5th with the Night Trackin party peeps at Velvet.

On monday the 7th i will play Petrol at the Middlesex Lounge in Boston.

Then back to New York and lots of hangin, diggin, eatin, chillin, hopefully swimmin and yup, playin records on friday the 11th with the Stallions (Lovefingers & Lee Douglas) at Submercer.

On saturday the 12th its time for Toronto and a wild night out at the Drake Hotel with the Membersonly DJs.

Last stop will be in Washington D.C., where i will join the notorious Beautiful Swimmers for a deep ride on the Whale at U ST. Music Hall. Plus i hope to meet the maker of my latest obsession, the Peoples Potential Unlimited label and squeeze out a shirt or two…

I am happy to see new places, hungry for culinary and sonic specialties and full of pure excitement for everything that might fall into place.

I see you dancin…a lil bit closer…