things happened and continue to happen…


few things happened and continue to happen…on a hunch…

1. postman was here delivering packages.

2. hunee goes to the post to pick up more packages.

3. interview for dazed and confused website finished, incl. epic hit and shit list. (not online yet)

4. 2000 people clicked like on fb’s hunee page – this deserves a celebration.

5. 2000 likes celebrated with new dj mix called enemies within us.

6. about to record a radio show with sarah and anastasia, more talk than music to be expected.

7. farbfernseher is opening again on friday and guess who’s playing…

8. on saturday, it’s time again, for another eccentric, trainwreckin’, soju-spittin’, record losin’, drink tickets spendin’, absolutely awesome feelin’ hunchin all night – all night adventure at soju bar.

9. summer is over.

10. life goes on.


about 7.

about 8.

El Vivo Al Baile Y El Muerto Al Hoyo – Afro-Colombian Dance Tracks! This Sunday, Open Air!

“El vivo al baile y el muerto al hoyo”

is a bone breaking afro-Colombian night.

This ‘Baile’ is going to happen on the terrace of Chez Jacki.

We mean serious eccentric electric Colombian Sound and no ‘Muertos’

the ‘Vivo’ is encouraged to start with a boogie step and slide slowly into the congas and

leave the nostalgic drive on the shoulders to rumble down.

No ‘Hoyos’ in the House, rather pure and smooth Jacki dancefloor.

Erntefest wit Daniel Wang on Wednesday – free entry!



sorry for dryin’ out this blog, still ytryin’ to figure out how and where to distribute certain information best…

Anyhow, after last months epic Night Flight party with Dany at Soju Bar, we play another sweaty disco set together. Again on a wednesday, this wednesday, meaning tomorrow, at Suedblock. We start 10pm and bring enough toys to play with.

There’s no door charge, so feel free to fly by.


Hunchin All Night * presents * Hunee and Traxx * Saturday August 6

* Hunchin All Night *


* Hunee and Traxx *

* A very personal special! *

* Soju Bar * Saturday * August 6 *

Barely recovered from last weeks epic Traxx 40th Birthday Gala (did i really dance for 12 hours…?), but we show no signs of sleepiness. Traxx toured europe this summer for a few months and on saturday we present his final gig for this tour!

Sure we have to do it again at Soju Bar where a packed floor was mesmerized be either classic Ron Hardy-type disco anthems or futuristic jak-sketches drawed by the ear.

On this saturday we come up with no historically alligned concept, but just playing the most PERSONAL things. I won’t play specifically certified jack, hardy or box-type things, but really just records that cry for summer, sweat the machines  and touch me in the morning.

We start midnight and we’ll never stop…

This Thursday! Kater Holzig turns into Dada Land – Nonsense Disco!

Welcome to Dada Land!

I play a fun disco party on thursday at this new place from the Bar 25 Family called Kater Holzig.

The Dada Disco Crew invited me, Emil and Aquarius Heaven to join them on their first party over there. They anounced  “an eclectic mix of anything from Disco to House, might it be cosmic, wavey or dirty… We’re Dada after all!”

Very curious to see this place, i heard it’s really good. I got all this nonsense disco in my bag ready to dada!


AQUARIUS HEAVEN (Wolf+Lamb, Circus Company)

HUNEE (Rush Hour, Future Times, Retreat)

EMIL DOESN’T DRIVE (Subpreme, Sameheads)

DADA DISCO (Crystalmafia, Bar25)


You like Disco, we like Nonsense, together we make Dada Land!


Starts 21.00
Eintritt 5€

guestlist is on and friendly, hit me up!