J.A.W. presents Sadar Bahar & Theo Parrish!

We’ve been waiting too long, finally – the heat is back!

Yesterdays in-store session with Sadar already got us excited’. Sadar played his lil 7″-case, turned the store into a dancefloo and Theo was bumpin’ and dancin’ through the romm, i saw he was inspired. What will they both come up with tonight? Ahhhh…

Here is a recording from Sadar Bahar at the Soul Train Show!

Last year’s party with Sadar was so magic and special – he really brings his own world with him, packed into a bag, no sleeves – just records. It’s really happening tonight, Sadar, Theo – cant wait, cant wait, cant wait!

Sadar Bahar – In Store Session at HHV!

Sadar is in town!

He will properly take care of us on thursday night (with Theo!, but more about it later…)! But to heat up the city – he will play an 45-only in-store session at the HHV-store (revaler str. 9 / az warschauer brücke) on wednesday from 5-7pm!

You should all come – no cover, free drinks, havin a gooood time!

Whizz!! – Do You Hear Me (107)

Whizz!! – Do You Hear Me

Ahh, almost time for a sunny post, berlin is showing its best sides these days. But first, one tune that came to my mind last week again. Havent dropped the Whizz!! for quite some time (i always forget about my 7″es) – ahh, what a tune. Heard it first when the one and only Loud-E played it, he always pulls all these wicked singles – Rard, please come play berlin again soon?!

Anyhow, wish you all a great weekend and if anyone got lost in munich, i play the Bob Beamen club on friday with the Permanent Vacation boys.

Big up to Dana, who had an ear for the whizz!!

Some extra protein for ur decks!

It’s hot, fried in soul and edited by the tongue. It’s not just a new label – it’s protein put on wax!

If ur hungry for some spicy food, ask the chef for some Fried Tofu! You might get a little note from the kitchen coming with ur dish, saying:

“These edits come on VINYL only, cause some things in life, be it food, sex or music better remain physical.”

Curtis Mayfield – Love Me, Love Me Now (Hunee Edit)

Curtis Mayfield – Love Me, Love Me Now (Hunee Edit)

Oh well, this edit took a long way. Made it some years ago, after getting a cd with the original from my friend Lexx from the Z. There were parts, that needed some decent cutting and to build up some tension and add another musical scent, i played some keys and a lil synth bassline and – voila, it works great.

The edit caused quite a big stir on the cloud and ran through a few months of “what shall i do with it, shall it be released, shall it maintain its hidden secret weapon existence…”. No results, and there are already couple of edits out there, released on vinyl, but still i feel this one is quite different, as its not really boosted in sound and is sprinkled with new musical flavors.

Well, to cut it short, i love you and here is a sparkling wave file for all the dancers and lovers out there.

Curtis Mayfield – Love Me, Love Me Now (Hunee Edit)

Hunchin All Night * Friday * March 18th

Hunchin All Night * March 18th * Soju Bar


Hunee * all night long


The Soju Bar is re-arranged (come and see, cant wait to play the new booth…), my record bag is re-filled and after last months break – i am happy to play another all night long set!

I’ve got so much new music from my us-tour, lots of deep things, weird things, fun things in there. Finally found the Peggi Blu record (big up justin and serdar!), can’t wait to play it on friday. Now, more than ever, let’s share a dance.

Love Fever

Saturday 12 March
Private Party with

135 Stoke Newington Road, 10pm till 5am

A guest list only private party with my favourite nightlife enthusiasts, the Love Fever crew from London. A great sound system, a late licence, Love Fever decorations and attention to detail (anyone notice the strawberry scented smoke machine last time?) and a veritable night of decadence as they do best.

Very excited for this one, i played a “more public” love fever party last year with rahaan, and that one was already great. This one will for sure go deeper, sensual records in the bag, ready to make love.

London, that’s what’s up!

Captain Sky – Moonchild (106)

Captain Sky – Moonchild

This one goes out to my friend Jim frfom Boston, the Big City Records store in New York, all the Disco Weasels weaseling in the face and the crates and of course, all the moon children being sensitive to sight, touch and sound.

This weekend, i dont pack any records, but polish my dancing shoes. Tonight, my dear friend Lexx from Zurich plays the Soju Bar with Honey K from Finger Magazine, as well as Iron Curtis dropping his very first live-set (no sweat, Iron, you’re gonna be great!) at About Blank. Tomorrow all frequencies are tuned to the Intergalactic FM party at Panorama Bar, with IF, Intergalactic Gary, David Vunk and a live-set by Legowelt.  I heard IF once and he is so goood, real, raw dj passion and energy, Gary always kills, David, hope i can stay long enough to hear him and Legowelt, well, thats the cherry on top! So psyched for this one!