Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face (052)

Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face (Unreleased Original Full Length Version)

Wooohoooo, this is the original almost twelve minutes full length jaaaaaam! David Mancuso included this in his Loft compilation. Thaaaank you.

It’s like the male version you might know from the official 12-inch release, but even more wild, jam-ey and fun! well, twelve minutes…i can’t get enough.

This goes out to scott, ana and a very spontaneous after hour party in a loft in detroit!

…you got me love dancing…

Korja – My Mind (050)

Korja – My Mind

Italian boogie! Oh my, this is classic. The lead singer, the background singers, the innocent italian vibe.

I remember very well how i got this record. I had the file for some time, but never knew the artist, only the title, but I loved it. In zurich, my good friend und music lover Lexx found this record (oh shit, original pressing!) and bought it…damn! Next day, the charming gent he is, he passes me the record and tells me that he feels, I want it more than he does. Voila! Thaaaanks yo!