Mixes and Dates. Going clean.

Too much time, not enough posts. After treating this blog like a friend you forget to call, one week, two weeks and so on, until, the next phone call merely feels like a catch-up, the tone slightly out of touch – decision time. Time to make a move.

I realized two things were important to me. Having a place to post all my dj dates. And a place to collect my dj mixes. The rest i could part with, the blogging part seems like a do it right or don’t do at all thing.

I did set up a new basic and clean website, including my dj dates and mixes. There won’t be happening any blogging, but mixes and dj dates will be constantly updated.

Thanks to everyone who visited this blog, engaged with the sounds, read what was said, and came back for more.

Don’t be a stranger. Dance a little bit closer!

Beats in Space!


i had the pleasure to play the famous Beats In Space Show from NYC. Hosted by Tim Sweeney for a loooong time now, it was and still is one of the biggest radio shows out there dedicated to the music we love. Thanks Tim! And ‘hello!’ to Sotofett from Sex Tags Mania, who rocked the second part of the show.

The first part of my mix, the african selection is a little tribute to the VulkanDance party in berlin, a party focused on heavy african and other more obscure underground disco music. This party was almost single handedly created by my dear friend Nomad, so big up! Second half is house music that either comes from new york/new jersey or was played there or reminds me of it.

I was in a state of tiredness, excitement and nervousness, so its not the smoothest mix, but its alive.

 Beats In Space – Show #574 w/ Sotofett and Hunee

Mondo & C-Rob – Stimulation (HunchMix01)

A few months ago, i was sitting in the back of a car with the Future Times family, on our way from washington d.c. (their homebase and place of the whale) to philly (Robotique, what up!). Chatting, eating scary sandwiches and listening to music, while a stream of interesting boogie tunes made us all whip and groove and suddenly the topic of talk was the MIX.

Yes, it was a mix-cd from Mondo from FT and Protect-U fame and C-Rob, general family member and expert in all things existing. After the fourth track (now, after scanning the tracklist, i can say it was telegraph from different faces, and yes, i checked, it is rare and expensive for the lazy ones…) i was won over like a school-child eating ice cream and had to ask Mondo (C-Rob wasn’t in the car) immediatly to give me permission to use this mix for the hunch.

Ahh, what better guest-mix could open up this slightly ego-centric huneeverse to my friends and to you! They even were so wicked to send me graphics and a tracklist, so, here it is – a true stimulation to your ears, your butty, the sun and all flowers waiting to grow … yes kids, get on discogs…

Mondo & C-Rob – Stimulation

01 / Stimulation / Wa Wa Nee
02 / Space Tropics (Rapp-sody) / Dept. of Sunshine
03 / Love Attaxx / Oattes Van Schaik
04 / Telegraph (Instrumental) / Different Faces
05 / Movie Land / Break Dancers
06 / Running Through the Night / Nathan Bartell
07 / Commuter Fantasy / Pedestrians
08 / Mutant Dance Move / Fashion
09 / Skin / Shiva
10 / Red Lights / Joy Jacinth

* Hunchin All Night * April 8th *

Puh, first two days of my new job over. Well, hello!

There is quite nothing like riding your bike home after a sweet 9 hour shift in the warehouse. Now i start thinking about friday, actually still thinking about last months epic friday night jam. It was so good, lots of old friends came down to Hunchin All Night at Soju Bar and i really felt like never stop playing. I recorded the night and wanted to share, what can be called the intro to 8 hours of fun and sweat. I think the early morning vibe started already around 3:30 and lasted 4 hours…until the sun came up…

Anyhow, glad time passes so fast, april now, the sun is not a stranger anymore and the days are long enough to get all the good things done. Enough talk, this friday – Hunchin All Night at Soju Bar.

* Friday April 8 *

* Hunchin All Night *

* Soju Bar * Skalitzer Str. 36*

* As always, i play all night long – no shame. *

A weekend in berlin


This weekend in berlin is first of all…cold. Damn, winter came in without a second of hesitation, cold, white and windy in berlin. Still fascinated by the sudden change in climate though and happy to play in two venues this weekend, that i thoroughly enjoy.

On friday, the 3rd of december, I play an all-nigh-long set at the full-of-surprises Hunchin All Night at Soju Bar.

Last months almost 10-hour party with the Bleepgeeks was a beast and still vibrates my memories. The garage house tunes were so uplifting, I am still smiling thinking about the emotions rising up…So much fun! The dancers had super-hero powers and kept it goin and goin… Well, here is the first hour of last months warm-up:

Warm Up – Hunchin All Night 12th November 2010

On friday I start playing at 11pm and won’t stop until it hurts.

Cure the pain…

* Hunchin All Night *

* Friday . December 3rd . Skalitzer Str. 36 . Soju Bar *

* Hunee * all * night * long *


On saturday, the 4th, I play Voyage Voyage at the fantastic Salon – Zur wilden Renate, a place that has a special thing in berlin – so different, so wild!

The line-up is big, very big…I think it’s 2 or 3 rooms… Session Victim, Saap from Brontosaurus, Carsten Clemann, The Swift, The Rimshoters, Paramida & Katovl, Bottin, 22 Rockets and myself….uff…

I will play on sunday morning from 7-10am. So early birds and late night moles, save the dance!

* Voyage Voyage*

* Saturday . December 4th . Salon – Zur wilden Renate*

Hunch Music Radio 01 with Nomad – a gift from the past!

Well, due to technical difficulties (late start, no chat, …) – we decided to put up the show here until the next one goes on air (november 16).

The first part starts with a little intro and then Nomad starts his wild ride.

Hunch Music Radio 01 w/ Nomad – part one

In the second part i join back in and we both tag-team our way through some sick records, more white wine and a dancing crowd.

Hunch Music Radio 01 w/ Nomad – part two

Hunch Music Radio!

Hunee – Things Behind The Sun

twentysix things i found left and right behind the sun.

pure admiration for all things
hidden by the sun,
blinded by the sun,
making friends with the sun.

…and for those who see the sun when day is done…

Hunee – La fiebre del amor

Hello London!

On sunday i will play the fantastic Love Fever party with Rahaan, the Love Fever DJs Alex Bradley & Andy Bird and Trus’Me. So so lookin forward to this one. They do the whole 360degrees of love for underground dancing, heating and sweating. Ballons, Rotary, Decoration, Special Locations, Spring Punch and Fabolous Music.

I will hit the streets of london around noon on sunday and move my lil butt to the sounds of Voices Collective, Mr. Chingas and the Deepfrequency Posse on their All-Dayer and def want to check out the Secretsundazers afterwards. Hope to bring some inspired vibes to our own party at night.

A temperature of love.