First Time Around

I am here, finally, San Francisco, California – for the very first time!

After enjoying a quick and busy stop in London (thank you Kristina Records, thank you Corsica Studios) – i got too little sleep, too much time strolling around Heathrow and 11hours of pure in-flight entertainment. But all flights end and the result is always surreal, you board in one place and get out in another one… sounds simple, but i still wonder, how close things are that seem so far, how different a place appears and how that feeling falls off slowly…how to arrive…

Well I am here and I am here mostly to make people dance. So, let’s do this:

San Francisco > Honey Soundsystem > september 30

Vancouver > Waldorf Hotel > october 5

Seattle > Q Club > october 6

Portland > Miracles Club > october 12

Los Angeles > I Love Rhonda > october 13

First Time Around.

Until then and in between – I am out, in the sun, getting lost, throwing shade.

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