things happened and continue to happen…


few things happened and continue to happen…on a hunch…

1. postman was here delivering packages.

2. hunee goes to the post to pick up more packages.

3. interview for dazed and confused website finished, incl. epic hit and shit list. (not online yet)

4. 2000 people clicked like on fb’s hunee page – this deserves a celebration.

5. 2000 likes celebrated with new dj mix called enemies within us.

6. about to record a radio show with sarah and anastasia, more talk than music to be expected.

7. farbfernseher is opening again on friday and guess who’s playing…

8. on saturday, it’s time again, for another eccentric, trainwreckin’, soju-spittin’, record losin’, drink tickets spendin’, absolutely awesome feelin’ hunchin all night – all night adventure at soju bar.

9. summer is over.

10. life goes on.


about 7.

about 8.


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