This Thursday! Kater Holzig turns into Dada Land – Nonsense Disco!

Welcome to Dada Land!

I play a fun disco party on thursday at this new place from the Bar 25 Family called Kater Holzig.

The Dada Disco Crew invited me, Emil and Aquarius Heaven to join them on their first party over there. They anounced  “an eclectic mix of anything from Disco to House, might it be cosmic, wavey or dirty… We’re Dada after all!”

Very curious to see this place, i heard it’s really good. I got all this nonsense disco in my bag ready to dada!


AQUARIUS HEAVEN (Wolf+Lamb, Circus Company)

HUNEE (Rush Hour, Future Times, Retreat)

EMIL DOESN’T DRIVE (Subpreme, Sameheads)

DADA DISCO (Crystalmafia, Bar25)


You like Disco, we like Nonsense, together we make Dada Land!


Starts 21.00
Eintritt 5€

guestlist is on and friendly, hit me up!


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