Tonight * July 20th * Night Flight with Daniel Wang at Soju!

Last minute party incoming… tonight, wednesday, jule 20th at soju bar…

I join my dear friend Daniel ‘Dancer’ Wang tonight at his bi-monthly Night Flight party at Soju Bar. In principle it’s queer but everyone is invited. Men, Women, Etc..

Daniel posted a nice introduction into his party on his site:

The moment we walked into SOJU BAR in early 2011, we knew it was something special. The NEON lights, the WOOD panelling, the ACOUSTIC FOAM covering the entire ceiling. The CRYSTAL-CLEAR SOUND system! A separate world (quite unlike the hard, stiff techno warehouses which tourists associate with Berlin). We play everything that’s groovy – yes “jazz-funk” and “disco”, but also lots of house, 80s boogie, current dance music across genres. It’s just about FEELING THE MUSIC and MOVING YOUR BODY. Check the SOJU BAR website and each month’s SIEGESSAUELE magazine for exact dates and DJ Lineup. See you here! 🙂

See u tonight!

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