Summer Of De:Bug – Timetable

The 24hour De:Bug Summerparty at About Blank is in full preperation – there is a timetable now, and looks like the sunday will be a sweet family affair. I play from 5pm-6:30pm, come through, gonna be good!
Floor 1 Saturday
0-2: Sven VT
2-4: Baaz
4-6: Iron Curtis
6-9: Oskar Offermann & Edward
9- ?? Bleed
Floor 2 Saturday
2-4 Finn Johannsen
4-5 Nerk (live)
5-7 DJ Xing
7-8 Ralph Prollé (live)
Outdoor Sunday
9/10-15:  Editor’s Picks ft: Thaddi / Ji-Hun / Bleed
15-17: DJ Dustin & Herr Koreander
17-18:30: Hunee
18:30-20:30: Session Victim
20:30-22: Quarion
22 – Ende: Shed

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