The Big Official Summer!


i play 3 very different parties this week, different places, contexts, friends. you shouldn’t miss one of them. tomorrow’s sun.

The Big Macro Fashion Week Foolery

tuesday, a party/documentary shot about (composer, producer, dj) Stefan Goldmann at Soju with Stefan, MMF? and Hunee on the controls. Someone mentioned Stravinsky, Celluloid Records and Derrick Carter…and a hangover…

The Official Mutewatch Launch Party

thursday, the Beautiful Swimmers hit town for their first europe tour gig in berlin. There is a launch party for a very interesting future watch, that can almost make ramen soup. Everything happens at Voo Store in Kreuzberg, starts at 8pm, ends midnight, probably involves free booze and u had to rsvp until yesterday. No sweat, i am sure i can bring a few heads, so keep ur names comin my way to get yourself in. Afterwards Speculator (from nyc) and Marion Guillet (from paris) play, yea, Soju. We all go.

The Summer of De:Bug

saturday/sunday the De:Bug Family and the Get Deep party crew throw the nicest summer party, including (almost) everyone whose release got reviewed in de:bug this year, your beautiful self, a big bbq, a garden – summer anthems – all night all day. Yes, its supposed to be summer, and its my birthday too.

Well, all these parties will be quite different, a nice challenge not to repeat one record over this week, although i just got this magic Eddie Hooper record on Soundway (thanks Emil!), which will be an exception and definitely played on all 3 parties.

tomorrow’s sun,

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