*** Hunchin All Night * presents * A Chicago JAK Special * with Hunee and Traxx ***

*** Hunchin All Night ***


* a chicago JAK Special *

with Hunee and Traxx

*** Friday, June 10th, Soju Bar, Midnight ***

This friday, a very special guest will join me on the Hunch. Traxx from Chicago, main pilot of Nation Records and a DeeJay you’ll never forget.

We thought about a theme for our party and i wanted to do a chicago linked theme. So, here it is – a Chicago JAK Special!

We though about Ron Hardy exchanging ideas with Baldelli, in some unknown time frame, in the Music Box or somewhere else.

I will bring all those classic, weird and uptempo Ron Hardy type disco tunes we all know from his mixes, yes, i will pitch it up and mess around. I have DANCE tattoed on my forehead that night.

What Traxx will do is not clear, at least not to me, he might play things backwards, yes, he might double records creating humanized effects, yes, he might give u a shout on the mic, oh yes!

We hooked up with Sweatlodge Radio for this one and will broadcast the party from midnight until 4am – live and worldwide! So, if u dont bring ur sweat and energy to Soju on friday, tune in and turn it up!


Hunchin All Night!

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