Beats in Space!


i had the pleasure to play the famous Beats In Space Show from NYC. Hosted by Tim Sweeney for a loooong time now, it was and still is one of the biggest radio shows out there dedicated to the music we love. Thanks Tim! And ‘hello!’ to Sotofett from Sex Tags Mania, who rocked the second part of the show.

The first part of my mix, the african selection is a little tribute to the VulkanDance party in berlin, a party focused on heavy african and other more obscure underground disco music. This party was almost single handedly created by my dear friend Nomad, so big up! Second half is house music that either comes from new york/new jersey or was played there or reminds me of it.

I was in a state of tiredness, excitement and nervousness, so its not the smoothest mix, but its alive.

 Beats In Space – Show #574 w/ Sotofett and Hunee

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