VULKAN DANCE presents One World!


after all the love and joy we got from BEPPE LODA for the first installment of the VULKANDANCE at picknick we are right back in the zone. It is ONE WORLD at VULKANDANCE this time , since the whole crew is back together once again bringing you the latest golddigs from touring ( Hunee : U. S. Rest : VD @Munich Stroke Art fair ) .

FRIDAY, JUNE 3rd, Yard from Picknick, 11pm, open air.

This nite will be hosted by:

NOMAD ( The guy that painted an entire Skatepark single handedly , last week )

HUNEE ( of RUSH HOUR fame and musicalist especial )

CHEER CHRIS ( of MONTEZUMAS RACHE who got ties with ESP inst., OFFEN music etc. )

EMIL DOESNT DRIVE ( berlins restless DJ and SUBPREME initiator )

we are happy to be able to play all together again and serve the VULKANDANCE in the way we have envisioned it from the beginning. Of course its an open-air & open-end party with brandnew BLACKLIGHT Art Installment , caribbean BBq and all the treats we like to serve and will continue to serve!

late night back2back dj rotation at its best, this time with a rotary mixer !

come early for your favourite piece of the bbq, this will also be the inoffical birthday celebration of Chris, Hans and our friend Dasha.


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