Bleepgeeks at Soju!

Dang! Can’t wait for friday, been lookin’ forward to this date since Hyun told me, “the Bleeps will do it again!” Serdar wrote a sweet promo text, and to make it fit the Hunch, it got a lil’ edit treatment for personal excitement. But wait, every text needs its soundtrack, and Lovebug from the Bleepgeeks made this sensational nordic Boogie Mix.


The beautifully clannish bleepgeeks crew is kindly invited to pitch their colourful camp at Berlins very own and blissful Soju Bar for the second time. The first time they hit the Soju at a sweaty and never-ending ‘Hunchin All Night’ with me – things went into very very very well directions! It was supremely spiritual, it was extremely funny – the soju bar was a source of positive energy and now it just feels natural to let the bleepgeeks host their first-ever own night at our favourite place in Berlin.

They already do their thing in South Germany now for years, creating spaces for creative freedom. Ulm is the place for their collective activities. An internationally recognized blog, a well-not-well known party series and a bi-monthly radio show are the common channels for bleepgeeks’ evident love for music in all its varieties and shapes. Right now they do some top-secret software deployment too, which hopefully soon will hit the world at the right time and right place.

But for the long anticipated Soju night everything will be carried by the music! Music for friends, lovers, activists, open minds, for everyone and for no one. This musical ride needs no seat belt. A crash doesn’t hurt, no speed causes discomfort and every song is a new and spontaneous journey.

Bleepgeeks and Soju feel exceedingly pleased to welcome you on Friday night!



Well, what can i add to this, nothing but, dang! can’t wait for friday, been lookin’ forward to this date since… see you on the danceflor!


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