* Hunchin All Night * April 8th *

Puh, first two days of my new job over. Well, hello!

There is quite nothing like riding your bike home after a sweet 9 hour shift in the warehouse. Now i start thinking about friday, actually still thinking about last months epic friday night jam. It was so good, lots of old friends came down to Hunchin All Night at Soju Bar and i really felt like never stop playing. I recorded the night and wanted to share, what can be called the intro to 8 hours of fun and sweat. I think the early morning vibe started already around 3:30 and lasted 4 hours…until the sun came up…

Anyhow, glad time passes so fast, april now, the sun is not a stranger anymore and the days are long enough to get all the good things done. Enough talk, this friday – Hunchin All Night at Soju Bar.

* Friday April 8 *

* Hunchin All Night *

* Soju Bar * Skalitzer Str. 36*

* As always, i play all night long – no shame. *

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