Berlin, twice!


back in berlin and still havent written my round-up on the recent us-tour (which was so goood!). But i plan to write it this weekend, including music i found and a sick mix from my d.c. peeeps. Anyhoo, today, or better tonight, berlin is what its about.

First i will play the Heartbeat Club party for a friend i know from some hiphop-days ago, but he loves the boogie – so, i feel like playing early eighties, soulful, cant wait. The place is called Lupita, and its a spot i never been too, but located right at Kottbusser Tor, on top of that Kaisers supermarket. The steel door next to Kaisers entrance is where u wanna ring a bell to get in. Come early, when its full, the door won’t open. I play from 0-2, cover is 2 euros. no list, pure fun.

After that, Picknick – long time since my last gig there. It’s a blog-release party for How Do You Are, a blog by Dj Supermarkt from Berlin Battery. Ian Pooley is playing prime-time and lots of other people, that i am not too familiar with. This is gonna be more clubby, my bag is packed with sick house-cuts and early morning groovers for that one. I play 4-end. There is a guestlist, so shoot!

So, yup, good to be back. Got new winter boots so fuck the weather. Dang, lots of things happened, it feels like ages since i posted, sorry for that. I see people keep constantly checking back on the hunch, so thank all you anonymous visitors! There will be more tings happening again…on a hunch…

But hope to see you all before this, maybe tonight, a long night – so be a moon child!


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