The East Coast!

German bread – forgotten in suitcase, drunk man on plane, bad movies, good book, I-94, tooth brush, air train, atlantic terminal, flatbush, brooklyn – my new home for the next two weeks!

It’s been a big rush the last weeks, finished a lot of things, my head in the past and the future, hungry, hungry and thirsty. Weird, i feel old and then again, ten years younger, whats behind that, and what beyond there? I want to use things now, put em together, make em my reality.

Shit, i love the east coast (havent seen anything else from the states though, except detroit) – good to be back and feel it out in 2011!

A few trips comin up, first the Be MiN Valentines Party in Boston with my friend James Gerard on thursday. Middlesex last year was good, so happy to be back! There might even be a friday in the bags…

On saturday i play in Brooklyn with the notorious Jacques Renault and my homeboys, the Beautiful Swimmers. It’s some sick brooklyn venue, i dont know more about it yet, but i know i got some guestlist – so hit me up! This whole trip is somewhat of a “Swimmers + Hunee Eastcoast Tour” – since i play 3 parties with them in one week. Couldnt be better, but first Let’s Play House!

And then there’s a Whale in D.C. on a wednesday. Last years deep dive was already good and healthy and to play the Swimmers residency is generally like eating cake on a birthday. Yummy!

And then, then there’s Philly!!! The Robotique DJs, Magic Message, The Beautiful Swimmers and me –  at this place called Pi Lam! My first time in Philadelphia and i heard great things about the hosting residents, the club and the record stores, yes!

If u wanna join me on any of these parties, write me – i get you in!

Much love from Brooklyn!


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