An atelier in kreuzberg 61 – ready for year 2011!


Ahhh, good food…right? Family…yup! Back to berlin…ahhh…

Through hick-up-ed ways i found a path to spend my walk into the next year dj-ing, in kreuzberg – ok, sounds good. My friend Will aka Speculator saw the venue (the atelier) last week and called it “very nice”, well, all of you who know Will aka Kid Criticism know that this really means “VERY NICE”!

I think there will be a bunch of art people drunk and/or high – probably requesting that ironic music thing “hits, but hey – it’s irony!”. Somewhere i read something lame about hot chicks and pretty boys. Well, let’s be serious – it’s New Years Eve for xxx-sakes, we’re all gonna be hot and pretty!

I haven’t figured out what I wanna play that night, but it will be some kind of kaleidoscope of all feelings, ideas and movements i want to be meaningful in 2011. Scary thought…ahh, whatever  blabla – it’s gonna be dance music – body music!

What else…some useful information:

Regular Admission 8 EUR

and, this seems to be an important thing (it’s posted everywhere elese in bold):

Fireworks are provided – don´t bring your own!

I say:

Don’t bring your own fireworks – be one!



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