Hunch Music Radio 03 – special guest: Traxx (Nation/Chicago)!

Hunch Music Radio 03!

Special guest: Traxx (Nation / Chicago)

Hosted by Hunee (Rush Hour / Hunch Music)

Tuesday, 10pm-1am!

Live from Soju Bar or tune into


Well, I am a firm believer in the unique artistry of TRAXX, since i first heard him at cookies a few years ago, where he changed this place into something i haven’t seen it being before. The easy-scared goodlooks left the floor or spontaneously decided not to be scared, but lock into the kode. Traxx came over this place like some water wave washing away the stiffness, the fakeness. We ended up dancing on each other shoulders, smiling, screaming…

And a few more years before that, my friend Marcel ‘Critical’ Vogel told me that everything he liked about playing House Music since Ron Hardy is Traxx from Chicago… I was still wondering back then…

What more can i say, i am happy and proud to have him playing Hunch Music Radio with me on tuesday. He told me, he is not sleeping, but preparing his special disco-not-disco set. So do i.

Get ready to receive a heavy beating with sincere love…

Join us on the show online on Sweat Lodge Radio or much much better, get your body to Soju Bar and make this your own reality!!!


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