A weekend in berlin


This weekend in berlin is first of all…cold. Damn, winter came in without a second of hesitation, cold, white and windy in berlin. Still fascinated by the sudden change in climate though and happy to play in two venues this weekend, that i thoroughly enjoy.

On friday, the 3rd of december, I play an all-nigh-long set at the full-of-surprises Hunchin All Night at Soju Bar.

Last months almost 10-hour party with the Bleepgeeks was a beast and still vibrates my memories. The garage house tunes were so uplifting, I am still smiling thinking about the emotions rising up…So much fun! The dancers had super-hero powers and kept it goin and goin… Well, here is the first hour of last months warm-up:

Warm Up – Hunchin All Night 12th November 2010

On friday I start playing at 11pm and won’t stop until it hurts.

Cure the pain…

* Hunchin All Night *

* Friday . December 3rd . Skalitzer Str. 36 . Soju Bar *

* Hunee * all * night * long *


On saturday, the 4th, I play Voyage Voyage at the fantastic Salon – Zur wilden Renate, a place that has a special thing in berlin – so different, so wild!

The line-up is big, very big…I think it’s 2 or 3 rooms… Session Victim, Saap from Brontosaurus, Carsten Clemann, The Swift, The Rimshoters, Paramida & Katovl, Bottin, 22 Rockets and myself….uff…

I will play on sunday morning from 7-10am. So early birds and late night moles, save the dance!

* Voyage Voyage*

* Saturday . December 4th . Salon – Zur wilden Renate*



  1. Gotta hunch you’re gonna have a gooooood weekend. Enjoy. And please have a shot of Soju for me …. i can’t get it here in Leeds U.K . Peace.

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