Hunchin All Night – this friday!

Hunchin All Night * November 12th * Soju Bar
Bleepgeeks ( We Love Ulm )
Hunee ( Rush Hour / Hunch Music )

another night – we keep it hunchin!

Usually planned as a regular, wild ride out of one record bag – for this friday a few more bags, records, hands and smiles will hit the Soju. My guests, the Bleepgeeks are – of course – very special and mean a lot to me on many levels. Where can I start, maybe at the beginning…

The first time i met this circle of friends, activists, lovers, musicians, artists, dancers and deeeejays was in cold-ass january 2008. I played at their monthly night in Ulm – the club was an old strip-joint and already filled with people when we entered….

Ahh, naah, no story telling this time. Lemme narrow things down:

Julian, Martin, Mike and Serdar.

They know how to dance, dig and play all those things that make ur arms go up, ur booty go left to right and ur feet not standing still. in a bleep.

Their own club nights are legendary…you may ask DMX Krew, Gerd Janson, Marco Passarani, Finn Johannsen, Rahaan, Tensnake, Beautiful Swimmers, Romy Zips, me or lots of others…

Everytime i meet them, they hit me with the deepest, freshest cuts from New Jersey 1991, Milano 1984, Chicago 1986, Berlin 1982, Everywhere 1979 and Somewhere 2010.

Hit it. November 12th 2010. bleep.


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