The City Circle Band – Magic (090)

The City Circle Band – Magic

Lots of things happened in berlin last week, the Swimmers were here kickin’ it on thurs, Alex from Voices killin’ it with my main man Nomad last saturday and on sunday Harvey played Panorama-Bar.

The sunday dance-out was receiving mixed reactions, from hype to anti-hype to really dont care anymore. Yes, the first part of his set was a mixed bag with some questionable tunes, but in the end most of us were dancing our lil asses off and on monday i still had all the typical physical signs of excitement: throat hurts from screamin, foots flatted from stomping, ears ringin from frequency treatment, arms still marked with the square stamp, daydreaming of all the familiar faces crossing the eye and still hungry for more…

On tuesday, i felt Harvey was good and we really wanted him to be good so bad! The last 2 hours were so uplifting and liberating. but i thought the real magic happened on the dancefloor!

What was really special on sunday – was us (incl. Harvey and You)! So many of us being there – all the energy, passion and excitement on a sunday afternoon. I still love Harvey, but i am sooo  in love with our crazy city.

Berlin, magic city – that’s us!


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