Miquel Brown – Symphony Of Love (082)

Miquel Brown – Symphony Of Love

Ok, this is neither rare nor obscure, it might just be one of these millions of disco songs from 1979. I bought it in New York last september and fell in love with it…even played it at Panorama Bar…

Anyway, after listening to lot of Jim Burgess Mixes from the Saint, I really started to follow this man and every song mixed be him had a very disctinct musical feeling to me. And of course, him doing the disco-mix for Nicolette brings him right into the center of appreciation.

“never let go off me, play me tonight like a symphony of love…”


  1. While Miquel/Miguel was known primarily for “So Many Men” this song has always held a special place in my heart. I remember dancing to it back in ’79. Seems like another lifetime now…

  2. Actually I am a record collector and I have seen the “Symphony of Love” album that has the Jim Burgess Mix on it. Same length as the 12″ mix. However I have never seen the 12″ single in person. I am sure the 12″ has a better cutting with more of a dynamic, robust sound quality that the LP. Yes I have never heard a bad Jim Burgess Mix, His background was in music, So he wasn’t just a DJ. His mixes had a more musical flare to them.
    I remember as a early teen reading in April 2, 1979 edition of Newsweek magazine had a cover story “Disco Takes Over” inside had a few quotes from Jim Burgess about all the things he does to a track when remixes them as well as his telling how much at the time he got paid a night to how much he gets for a mix/remix to how much he expects to make at year end of 1979. Oh it mentions he is a classical pianist, His operatic singing was widely known but I forgot about him being a pianist.
    He was really great. Although not known for break-beat style percussion, He may have done the very first if not the first break-beat style remix in 1978 of “Dance To The Drummers Beat” I think with this remix he made it more approachable for the dance floor and ears.
    I would love to of heard him DJ in one fashion or another. But we still have his legacy of production/mixes/remixes to listen to.

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