Hello London!

Packin’ bags, bought some contacts, called some friends and excited like a school boy going on a merry-go-round. Prins Thomas will release his first solo-album soon and throws a lil Ekstravaganza at Corsica Studios in London on friday.

Room 1 will be taken apart by Thomas himself, Espen Haa, another talented Oslonian and the all-over-the-place Tensnake. But wait…munich? scandal! hamburg, thats where his heart beats…

Room 2 will start off with Dubby from Cisco Records/ Japan, followed and taken into unknown atmospheres by Psychemagik and then, yup, me, falling in love with my records and everyone else that feels the sleaze comin up… I am very curious – how and what they gonna play, i don’t know nothing about them (which is normal for me), but i already stereotyped them in the diggers-extraordinaire category and therefore excited to be taken on a musical journey. I really, really need this.

Well, if ur in London permanently or this weekend – why dont you come by and get on the disco train.


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