Hunee – live at Lo.Cuts – 22.01.2010

A bag full of records, a cheap bottle of wine, the sound system cranked into the red, dancing upside down, moving left to right – imaginary club scenes sprinkling all over the place…

part 1 – feelin’ kinda high

  1. keith worthy – emotional content [aesthetic audio]
  2. reggie dokes – i wear the mask [clone]
  3. the vision – sharde [nu groove]
  4. logic – the difference [strictly rhythm]
  5. sensory elements – taking me over [azuli]
  6. four on the floor  productions – free at last [black traxx 5]
  7. big strick – buckle up! [fxhe]
  8. usg – ncameu (sky, rain  and earth element) [clairaudience]
  9. mike dunn – god made me phunky (k-otic underground mix) [nite stuff]
  10. marcello napoletano – house class [reincarnation]
  11. dachshund – patte d’oie [clapper]
  12. miles sagnia – changes [aesthetic audio]
  13. mondeé oliver – make me want you (club mix) [gherkin records]
  14. cloud 9 – do you want me (deep dub) [sub-urban]
  15. cajmere – feelin’ kinda high [cajual]
  16. azari & III – reckless (with your love) (instrumental) [permanent vacation]
  17. mood II swing – i need your luv (right now) [eight ball]
  18. mike dunn – dance u mutha [future jak]
  19. kasso – one more round (frankie knuckles mix) [eskimo]

part 2 – many steps to take

  1. kasso – one more round (frankie knuckles mix) [eskimo]
  2. t.c. curtis – you should have known better (melt down dub) [hot melt]
  3. time bandits – i’m only shooting love [cbs]
  4. gino soccio – i wanna take you there (now) [unidisc]
  5. evelyn ‘champagne’ king – i don’t know if it’s right [rca]
  6. teddy pendergrass – the more i get the more i want (victor rosado mix) [east end]
  7. jürgen junker – many steps to take [neurhythmics]
  8. miroslav vitous – new york city (original version) [east end]
  9. dinosaur – kiss me again (original edit) [sire]
  10. kenix – there’s never been no one like you (long version) [west end]
  11. omni – out of my hands (love’s taken over) [fountain]
  12. runaway – one-two-three (instrumental) [prelude]
  13. lindsay buckingham – trouble (album version) [asylum]
  14. mike oldfield – platinum part 3&4 [virgin]
  15. andy bey – i know this love can’t be wrong [atlantic]


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