Pink Rhythm – Melodies of Love (021)

Pink Rhythm – Melodies of Love

This is a big one for me lately. Posted the video on the face already and basically been listening to it on repreat for days…

I came across this song the first time in daniel wang’s fantastic rundown on

“15 ways to clear a dancefloor (yet still feel good about it the next morning)”

… and this is what danny had to say about the song:

“I think Joel Martin from Quiet Village gave me this one—an early ’80s John Rocca production. The voice sounds like Imagination, but it has an extra funky instrumental edge. Especially the synth solos at the end; that part has a virtuoso spontaneity, which one doesn’t often find on drum machine soul music from this period. I’ve played it out about once. It’s unusual, for sure.”

Let’s hope he plays it out much much more…



  1. Criminally ignored by record label Beggars Banquet. This isn’t available on one cd compilation. It’s a guilty pleasure, for sure!

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