Albert Ayler – Ghosts / Spirits (010/011)

Albert Ayler – Ghosts (First Variation)

Albert Ayler – Spirits

So, the movie was good. after a cold winter ride, it was perfect to sit in a cozy cinema and see this well-made documentary. You get a lot of excerpts from interviews with Albert Ayler and some rare vintage footage from his days in scandinavia and later, new york. His younger brother Donald Ayler and the dummer Sunny Murray take over the main storytelling leads.

Again, i got a tiny bit closer to understand and feel this very energetic music, that sometimes seems to be too far-out, but seeing the musicians perform and also talk about their music makes it more accessible. After comin home i kept listening to the “spiritual unity” album from 1964 and what i heard, was 3 great musicians (albert ayler (sax), gary peacock (bass), sunny murray (drums)) playing freely and joyfully with each other and most important – listening to each other.

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