Galaxy Toobin’ – Friday afternoon toobin’ (005)

Galaxy Toobin’ – Friday afternoon toobin’

Ahh, i was looking forward to post this song (with the permission of the musicians). This is such a brooklyn basement pop-song.

Galaxy Toobin’ is a project by William T. Burnett (aka Speculator) and Elliot Lipp. Elliot is busy touring the states, making kids wishing for drummachines under their christmas trees and William started his own label “W.T. Records” in 2009, opened a music instruments shop called “Pentatonic Guitars” with some friends and basically tries to move forward and be happy. The whole Toobin album came out in june 2008 and is still available through various sources, so show some love if u like this song and buy the album.

It took me some time to really get into it, but now it seems to keep growing and growing. The synth work is very delicate and they really have a unique approach to pop music in a synthesized, die-hard analogue way. And if u ask urself what “toobin” means, i have no idea, but seems to be something fun!


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