Geoff Bastow – Tomorrows Communication (002)

Geoff Bastow – Tomorrow’s Communication

Since i killed my facebook profile last night and had some time to think about my ways of communicating, this beautiful track from Geoff Bastow‘s album for the english library label Bruton Music fits in just perfectly (i mean, check out the deep cover art, i am stunned….). This tune has about everything i love about synthesizer work in library music – lot of beautiful layers interacting with each other and creating a fresh mood full of emotional motives.

Geoff has been writing some hot dance music under his K.I.D. alias and also shared writing and production credits with Moroder for numerous works. I got a hunch he might pay us another visit…



  1. whooaaa. first comment! 🙂

    yes, beautiful indeed. and while we’re at it – the beauty will even get stronger!

    will post a heart-wrenching disco version of a morricone song tomorrow.

    keeeep it up beeee.

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